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DVD: Going The Distance: Charlie's Story of Endurance

A documentary film from Triple Knot Productions, Inc.   Going the Distance is the true story of a man who was on the brink of realizing all his dreams at the age of 21 when he accidentally broke his neck on a Saturday afternoon at the beach.

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In the split-second it took to execute a dive he had done countless times before, Charlie made a choice at the bottom of the ocean whether to give up and die—or whether to trust that there was still a purpose to his going on. That choice—the choice to “battle on”—is what this film is all about.

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CD: Striving and Thriving

CD Striving & ThrivingThis interview with Charlie Ekizian covers the spiritual and physical struggles that he's overcome in forty years of living in a wheelchair. 

Charlie has a wealth of experience.  Not only has he worked to improve and maintain his own health for the last forty years, he has helped hundreds of others with their challenges.

This CD distills those forty years into 60 minutes of helpful information.  It's a perfect gift for someone you love who's mobility-impaired and could use a little encouragement.

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